THE 16th Mid-Term Meeting of Medical Associations of Asean (MASEAN)

THE 16th Mid-Term Meeting of Medical Associations of Asean (MASEAN) kicked-off on a high note with the first gathering held on 1-3 May 2015 at Badi Hotel, Brunei Damussarum, during a symposium uniting local and medical practitioners in providing the best for the patients.

During a welcoming dinner held on 2 May 2015 at the Polo Country Club in Jerudong, Singapore Medical Association President Dr. Wong Tien Hua highlighted that the association as a whole shares a number of common challenges, including the best use of limited manpower resources, harnessing new technology in teaching and managing competing and diverse interests such as clinical research.

“Despite these obstacles, however, we also share many common goals, such as how to ensure that minimum standards are maintained and that the quality of medical education remains high. Our ultimate aim in all that we do is that patient safety must always come first,” Dr Wong said. 

The dinner to welcome the delegates and organised by the Brunei Medical Association was attended by Minister of Health Pehin Orang Kaya Johan Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Adanan bin Begawan Pehin Siraja Khatib Dato Seri Setia Haji Mohd Yusof in his capacity as guest of honour.

In this meeting, a leader 3 doctors from Medical Association of Thailand, Professor Saranatra Waikakul (Vice President), 
Maj.Gen.Assistant Professor Dr.Kidaphol Wadhanakul and Dr.Sakda Arj-ong Vallipakorn (Chairs of Public Relation and Representative of Editorial of Journal Medical Association of Thailand) joined this meeting to forward the goal of next MASEAN meeting in Thailand 2016 at Pattaya and sharing country reports, Collaboration the MASEAN researches into MACEAN Journal Group.

Forty personnel from medical associations across the Asean member states are currently in the Sultanate to take part in the two-day meeting scheduled to conclude today under the theme ‘Challenges in Training our Future Healthcare Workforce.’

The Brunei Medical Association under the presidency of Dr Pengiran Md Bahrin bin Pengiran Haji Alliudin is touted as a “relatively young member of MASEAN.”

Its main objective is to unite members of the medical profession in Brunei towards promoting their welfare. Other objectives include voicing the views of the profession in matters relating to the health and well being of the Brunei community and to enlighten the public on health issues in the country.

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MASEAN Forum 2014 "Pandemic Preparedness and Response Among MASEAN 
During 9-11 May 2014 at Regent Hotel, Singapore.

Morning Session: A Country Report a lot of fruitful discussion and sharing. We can see and learnt from differences country about how medical association works and and their contribution to member, though a key of success. Morning Session 16th MASEAN MEETING started withthe Country Report which report 
all of situations and works of Medical Association Thailand and important work such as Tobacco against policy, and many useful work with fruitful discussion to each other. This session is very impressive speech from Prof.Ronnachai Kongsakon and team. Many questions were answers by Prof. Pasert Sarnvivad our president, Vice Chair of MASEAN Dr.Waikakul and our team.

Afternoon Session: A Brief Report of Pandemic Preparedness and Responses leading by Dr.Sakda A. Vallipakorn, Dr.Waikakul Vice Chair of MASEAN, Our Chiarman Prof.Prasert Sarnvivad and our MAT Team for thankful for their Beautiful Contributions.

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